personal opinions of each other


welp, it’s erect!


I like riley



I have a neutral opinion of Riley.
edit:Actually, the benefits of him being here outweigh the negatives.


i like riley

i love chip the cookie crisp wolf though
we will get married

one day

just gotta find an exacto knife…



Riley’s awesome. Graal Reborn Upper Class.


Riley is a good person, he doesnt have a perticular bias, and he follows guidelines for editing and deleting stuff.


lick my balls, nerd.

___Merged doublepost__________________

uh oh. i earned myself a red block.


Play nice Hosler


he crossed the line when he called me a “fagot”. also whiny.


WHA?! :eek: i guess that would cross the line, i hate Austin (Benjiro) because he keeps on calling me ‘Darkfag’


hmmm… anyways, any others?


Lol, he does that to anybody younger than him he doesn’t like. Although he may get annoying, he isn’t THAT bad of a person. It’s only over the internet so it’s not like it’s affecting you in any way.


well damn. it’s hard to legitimately hate anyone who plays graal.


a lot of people love me


Did anybody else understand that sentence? Please, darkblade, use correct grammar! Sometimes I have a hard time understanding your sentences. My grammar may not be perfect, but it’s decent. :slight_smile:


Darkblade what country are you from?


You guys are spelling faggot all wrong


I am from America, english is one of the languages i speak, and with multible language spoken alittle less is known about each. plus sometimes i rush and post something without checking gramer