personal opinions of each other


my personal opinion is that none of you are as furry as me


gllt’s avatar looks like a wolf what is about to rape something (in my oppionion)


qllt lool dat q
everyone can just call me Jesh or Jeshua you know that right

anyhow it’s the cookie crisp wolf and yes that’s why I chose that still


I can’t think of a good reply

___Merged doublepost__________________

im also too furry for most furries because i have a cartoon fetish


:eek: cleanup on isle 3, we got a unknown substance on the floor and it smells like gllt…
good thing i cant see (Avatar pic)


here ya go
also I got your instant message
on my iPod
can’t moderate anything there sorry loool
what is offensive in misc to you?

___Merged doublepost__________________

he knows some sweet, cotton bound male booty when he sees it!!
also cookies


no one cares. fuck you.


I like pancakes


hey Riley… this is you


you, sir, are a huge douchebag.


i like cursing at you. so im gonna keep doing it you lame ass piece of shit.


im staying out of this


yeah good job you dumb fuck. keep explaining everything you you say because it makes you look legit.


stop hating on me guys


anyways…moving on?


Rileyfury and hosler, chill, I like boths ofs yous.


you can lick my ballz too


hosler, shut the fuck up.


stay out of my way, spoon.


Son, you can’t pass me. Stop now or be silenced.