personal opinions of each other


I don’t actually have any negative opinions about anyone, except myself. Self-deprecation won’t count, I imagine.

But if it does, fuck that rockman.c/Kos loser. He’s a wily cunt.

EDIT: Sorry, dropped my /s


Luckily I don’t have much activity here to make it on any lists other than possibly being the worst at posting on forums


What’s wrong with your self esteem, dude?


I made a huge list of my favorite threads.


Sorry, I dropped my /s while writing my post lol


I noticed you were jesting. I was asking ethacon.


personally I think that yenairo_old guy was a massive loser :^)


pls be yenairo again


sorry for the late reply…

It’s probably because before I left graalians, some ass said that no one there actually liked me, they just tolerated me, and it seemed pretty believable because no one on the graalians forums was really even fond of me or at least that’s what I felt.


thats essentially how we all feel about eachother here. we all tolerate everybody’s eccentric behavior. I think we mainly do this because we all got sick of hating eachother.


Yeah, I have that irl. Someone’d tell me straight out they love me more than anyone else and I’d be in disbelief. Like, why me? Same with fondness, I usually disbelieve the caring feelings of others. (Why not pretty much anyone else, why me?) I’ve been worse and I’m working it out but I’d never flat out say: “Oh, I know no one here likes me.” Because I know it’s a problem I have. Sadly, knowing I have a problem doesn’t resolve it. It can be very heartbreaking when someone is mean to us because it’s either like we’ve known it all along or be the starter for that kind of thinking. Thankfully, I deal better with it now. I ignore meanness but I still don’t answer to it.

What I mean is that if you notice it’s not local (confined to the people who were genuinely mean to you) it’s probably something you should work on.


Nah, I hate all of you. Ya’ll fuckin’ suck.


ooooh good thread. I love all of you guys


you all smell