phantom footsteps

i got on PWA today and ran around. i thought my sound was just real low because i could hear my character’s footsteps. about 1 minute into this i noticed my laptop was muted.

good job brain

creepy pasta

When I’d play too much starcraft I’d hear probes and drones out of the blue… I also used to hear the character’s voices in Day of the tentacle, while playing it soundless, even if I had only heard them once many years ago.

And there’s always that occasional facebook bloop I hear on commercials and pretty much anywhere at leat twice a day.

You’re not alone :slight_smile:

(woah really the board is going crazy, time to update I suppose)

A little off topic, but is that game any good? I really like Maniac Mansion and I just recently found this spin off. I’ve been meaning to play it.

DoTT is great. :slight_smile: Not as serious as MM, but it’s a really fun point’n’click adventure.

It’s awesome, a graphic adventure classic, like most Lucasarts games.
It’s nothing like maniac mansion though… more like Sam&Max hit the road, Monkey island 2 and indiana jones and the fate of atlantis (if i remember well, so many indiana jones).

Download scummVM or dosbox to run it.

If you want to try another great graphic adventure, Full Throttle is pretty much my number one.

And if you think you don’t like graphic adventures cuz you tried Discworld or King’s Quest or even Phantasmagoria… or Police quest, know that lucasart’s style really is something else.

you see. it doesn’t take much to start a good conversation.

Nice that we got some point-n-click adventurists on this forum. :smiley:

Have any of you played the telltale games versions of Sam & Max and Monkey Island? Or any of their more recent titles (Jurrasic Park, Back to the future, Walking Dead)?[COLOR=“Silver”]

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Monkey Island was awesome

I’ve got dosbox on my Wii. I’m totally going to play it :slight_smile: thanks!

Le Chuck

I tried sam&max and disliked it… I simply hate 3d when it’s overused(at this point, it’s pure developper’s laziness)… point-and-click games are meant to be cartoonish, with MI3 as the best example of how it should be. I only played MI4 because I was a great fan of mi3.

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MI3 is my favorite aswell because of the art style.

And those many versions of every song that play depending on your situation (such as in the barber shop depending on who you’re talking to) is such a nice touch… every game should have that… Zelda tryed with their orchestra hits when you hit a baddy, but failed.

Played the special editions?
Apparently the iMuse transitions in woodtick (MI2) were very long to code and they hired a team just to code that.(and they decided never to do it again, according to the commentaries) I’ve also read the transition quality is not as good in the special edition as it was on the first edition…
Aaawh, developper’s laziness :([COLOR=“Silver”]

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Every musician should learn to code so we’d have awesome song transitions in our games.


Beholder and I used to talk about how we’d always hear random Graal noises.

Yeah, I’ve played through MI1 Deluxe. I’ve bought both, but never gotten around to play the second one yet. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t use the MI3 artstyle in the deluxe versions. :confused: