Just to Inform you I have been passed this sever down to me and will be activily updating it.
Any Questions you may ask me or anyone in the staff team.
I will be posting updates below

-Few Events Working (9/12/12)
-Sparring Zone Working (12/12/12)
-Working On A Few Bugs On OverWorld (17/12/2012)
-Added ‘Thor’s Night Club’ (18/12/2012)
-Event ‘Knock Out’ Added (18/12/2012)
-Three New Houses Added (working on insides) (8/01/2013)
-Working on ‘Tree Man’ Quest (9/01/13)
-Event ‘Guessing’ Added (11/01/13)
-Event ‘Cobs and Robbers’ (14/01/13)
-Event ‘Around the World’ (15/01/13)

Awesome, nice stuff.

dood, you gotta find out who put that music in the OSL, I want to ask them where they found it, I’ve been searching for it for ages!

Found this…

Bullshit, I played this game years ago and he definitely did not make this music.

I indeed did say that.I was in the proccess of making a theme music for Phenomenon myself but it did not turn out so well after a few days my friend lended me a Spineworld theme music remixed by HIM. Riley took it down due to it being to big and kept crashing the server.

Sever Down -___- Host issues

Does this mean it would be a bad idea to upload an mp3 that weighs in at 655MB?

lmao, 655MB is definitely too big.

I don’t mean to derail the thread… but I have one more question regarding that. I have over 16,000 webgifs, and I put my whole webgifs folder in the server directory. Will that cause a problem, or is it simply the fact that an individual file is humongous that crashes things?

That’s a stupid amount of images to put on the server, I suspect there’s a greater chance of it crashing your rc client rather then the server however.

Im trying my best to get Phe back online but I need to contact the host

Ill try have it before the end of the year

If the host is Riley, he’s having internet connection problems right now.

Phenomenon is now back up and running!

Oh yeah, Riley wanted me to tell everyone that their servers are back up.

So did riley,

Check Out these two events and then come online, play and win some Event Coins

It’s cool to have events but you need a playerbase to warrant events therefore you ultimately need content other than events to support some kind of interest in the server so you eventually have enough players for an event. If you had some kind of re-occuring dungeon, minigame, job, etc it’d keep players interested in your server assuming the activities are fun .

Nice job guys! I have been so busy with others. Cant wait to see when server is complete!

This server sounds promising. I can’t wait to try it, just working on Phoenix gets old you know. Let me know if you guys need any help or anything!