PK player world

You pk all the time. Only a few levels. 3 hearts level 1 sword only, and maybe a score board somewhere.
Does this sound like fun to anyone else?

Its been done before minus the scoreboard part, lol

I think it wouldn’t survive. Even if a player likes to do nothing but PK, it’s totally different to be stuck in pretty much a server just for that. Just like how PK areas are never used, and players prefer to just stick in popular spots and PK. Beholder has the right idea with Bomber Arena – he made it specifically for Bomberman, but eventually expanded and offered players other small things to occupy their time with.

there arn’t that many people in order to have a lot of pkers either.

hmm… what else does it offer. i haven’t been on it in everr

Meh I agree with beholder. Add a few minigames and you got urself a deal

Bomberman, of course. Sitting areas, sparring, the whole build-a-house thing(tons of content in that in itself).

you forgot the mini-arcade games like snake, brickbraker and “test your strenth”

Ya I meant to post them, heh… must have forgotten between clicking reply and writing it up.

it would be a server you get on expecting to fight with someone. no sitting around doing nothing. i might even make it so you cant even pause.

hmmm with mini games make pacman :wink: and make new weapons for the pk like traps??

This would be like a server where you jack off all the time. Get creative man! add atleast some different kind of skills and weapons. Make it unique

The server I’m hosting “Classic sand box” is pretty much a pk server, you get a level 4 sword, level 3 shield, level 3 gloves, and all bombs/nukeshots/whatever you can possibly get your hands on. The levels are from graal classic circa year 2000. It would be better though if more people were logged on at a given time, but yeah it’s mainly for exploration.

Looks like 2001 Graal the Adventures


Well its up, and im accepting all pk challengers.

WTF–A PK server without throw-able chairs?

its a work in progress

Gotta have throwable chairs!

Gotta have more cowbell!
Everyone loves musical instruments they can’t play, even on PK servers!