Plans For Xeraxtor(please no idiotic comments)

Hello Zodoku here, Just here to announce that our server Xeraxtor is back and lock n loaded. Currently we are in Deep Development here are sum stuff we plan to have (I planned some stuff out).

  1. Cars made by Downsider
  2. Street Racing thought up as a player event underground gambling
  3. Missions
  4. Gangwars
  5. Events
  6. and many many more…

Come on Xeraxtor you’ll have fun (when we are done developing at a point where we got a lil’ system going you’ll have fun then.)

I want to know how you all plan on making guns work without an NPC-Server. I know theres always using the fireball/fireblast image and make it fire tons/less including fire power. What I mean is, can making bullets fly across the field and hit someone work?

Are you finding a problem in other people not being able to see the bullets? or the actual projectiles hitting and hurting players.

I have seen a lot of guns using showimg back in the day and isn’t a showimg with the index under 200 not local? or is that only with a NPC server. My memory is a bit shit so sorry if I am wrong.

Basically, if they can see a whole-custom thing. See the bullet, the gani, etc. The whole nine-yards.

What I ment early was I remember seeing someone use the default fireball/fireblast NPC and made a script out of them to the number of times/speed/etc can be fired and whatnot.

Oh, I understand. So the more powerful the less freeze time there is for the fireball when firing.

Custom bullets would be a lot better though XD.

Could they not just use putnpc and have it showchar and the gani set to a bullet? then have the script inside the putnpc weapon (movement and player detection). As everyone can see ganis.

Oh, I didn’t know they were in there. I think my commands.rtf is out of date XD it has a few things not listed :X

I don’t remember the website where I got this, but it’s pretty damn useful. I think Stefan pretty much quit updating the commands.rtf in 1.39.

This one was kept pretty up to date with new stuff, as well as maybe a few older things you didn’t even know existed.

Thank you very much :smiley: I just had a look through this updated commands.rtf and I’m stoked with all the stuff in it compared to the one I had XD

Yeah, i’m definetly sure scripting guns is possible(not to hard either). But you’d most likely need to add either some form of lockon, so the bullets aim after the player your locked to, or diagonal aiming.

I’ve already made guns in the style of Era, adding a lock-on and 45-degree aiming wouldn’t be difficult, just some angle work.

Yeah Downsider cleared it up

niice… Never actually played era myself. Good luck bro

Era on Graal online is hell on earth.You will die if u even go outside so when u do play it on graal online make sure u be careful and trust noone