Blah :confused:

playermp / playerfullmp


Doesn’t exist I take it considering it wont work for a GUI :[[

What the hell would fullplayermp be DX

Or how would I even do it in a bar? O_o

//This is the Magic Bar displayed.
function magic(){
  showimg 902,style_mpbar.png,34,45;
  changeimgvis 902,4;
  changeimgpart 902,0,0,100 * (playermp / playerfullmp),32;
  timeout = 0.05;

I believe that by default the max mp is 100, and that it can’t really be changed.

I know it can’t be changed, but there should still be a playermaxmp thing considering other servers are able to create an MP bar with no problem :stuck_out_tongue:

I just suck when it comes to this, this is going to be my first full GUI and this is the only problem I’m having is the MP display

but yeah, I found the cure rofl


Exactly. The max MP is 100 and will never change, so there is no need for a static variable just to store 100 when you can just use 100. And ya, that’s what other servers do.

It could change if you setup for own MP system though. ;p;


several server has done this , mainly to try and counter hackers tho .

Client. vars are non-existent.



It’s also easier to modify a GS1 defined string or variable than the real magic variable.

However Downsider failed at cheating at Bomber Arena. :smiley:

It’s because Beholder uses voodoo magic to encode his strings.

I’m the Big Bad Voodoo Man.

//Showing Client MP
showimg 208,@Verdana@MP,166,15;
changeimgvis 208,4;
changeimgzoom 208,.5;
changeimgcolors 208,0,.8,0,1;
showimg 209,slgui2.gif,166,28;
changeimgvis 209,4;
if (players[0].mp > 1) changeimgpart 209,0,167,14,1.13*(players[0].mp);
if (!players[0].mp > 1) hideimg 209;
changeimgcolors 209,1,1,1,1;

thats out of one of shaded legend’s gui’s .

Mine is sexier.

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