PlayerWorld Developing Tips.

OK, so I will give you guys some quick tips on making your playerworld. I hope you like them.

  • Get used to the settings.
  • Don’t give rights to anyone unless they are staff on your server.
  • Make an arena, lobby or something. Don’t show your developing overworld until you get a system going.
  • Make sure your guest hasn’t taken any NPC’s you don’t want them to have.
  • Make sure you make folders in RC. (example: images, Ganis, Scripts, ETC)
  • Always be the leader and never follow anyone unless they are trying to help you.
  • You can get help from these forums about your scripting or gani making needs.
  • You are always welcomed to this forum, stick around people like Beholder, Nalin, Agret, and some staff or people you see doing well on their server or scripting.
  • Once you are done using these tips you will be amazed of how your server will be.

    Thank you.

Why are YOU giving tips?

Your grammer and spelling sucks.

You forgot the "sum"s, unless there is a lot of addition going on.

Some of the advice is pretty good though. Like not showing your overworld until it’s done. You’ll have much better retention if you show an overworld when it’s ready for players rather than just releasing a little bit piece by piece.

Granted you don’t need a massive world fully blown out. That’s why I’m starting with one continent for Graal Reborn and I plan on adding other continents as expansions rather than a little bit here and there. I hope to have a sold world ready for release in two months. (A very acheivable goal since I made sure we started off relatively small.)

i know i mean not every world is gonna be done developing ,but i didnt say fully blown out i mean when you have a little system going on to be able to let users in the overworld.

I cleaned up your first post…

Totally agreeable. I’ve brought this up to a few people before in fact :slight_smile: