Pokemon Multi

Since it got to confusing hijacking zero’s thread. Here is a brand spankin new one.

Old vids:

New Vid:
note: fraps only let’s me record 30seconds aparently.

So far, you can play complete battles against wild pokemon. Which you now randomly encounter differn’t enemies by walking thru tall grass. The tall grass, is pretty much a bastardization of what beholder posted in the kihoto thread. Anyway, you can now play thru those fights and get rewards like money and exp.

Major drawback so far, is that the IV,EV, formula stuff isn’t finished. So right now it fights with the retrieved base stats. Also, move modifyiers are not being calculated yet.

Capturing wild poke, switching between your own poke, can both be added with 6 or 7 lines of code each. But as is, using and item or pokemon switch will pretty much just waste your turn.

Need to add animations for the pokemon using attack moves / being hurt by moves. Aswell as updating the red selector to use a gani I made, so that it doesn’t lag behind the selection by .5 seconds.

Overworld completion

A - Tiles done, K - Collision Added, I - Intra Linking, L - Links added, B - Wild Grass added, C - Overworld Npcs Added, D - Building Insides Added, T - Tile animations added, X - Completed

Route 1 (AKILD)
Route 2 (AKI)
Route 3 (AKID)
Route 4 (AKI)
Route 5 (AKI)
Route 6 (AKI)
Route 7 (AKI)
Route 8 (AKI)
Route 9 (AKID)
Route 10 (AKI)
Route 11 (AKI)
Route 12 (AKI)
Route 13 (AKID)
Route 14 (AKID)
Route 15 (AKI)
Route 16 (AKI)
Route 17 (AKID)
Route 18 (AKI)
Route 19 (AKID)
Route 20 (AKI)
Route 21 (AKID)
Route 22 (AKI)
Route 23 (AKID)
Route 24 (AKID)
Route 25 (AKI)

Cerulean City (AKIL)
Cinnabar Island (AKIL)
Celadon City (AKIL)
Fuchsia City (AKIL)
Lavender Town (AKIL)
Pallet Town (AKIL)
Pewter City (AKIL)
Saffron City (AK)
Viridian City (A)
Vermillion City (AKIL)

(- denotes less priority)

-Power Plant (A)
-Rock Tunnel
Mt. Moon
Viridian Forest (A)
Diglett’s Cave
-Victory Road
-Mt. Silver (Johto)
-Tohjo Falls
Seafoam Islands
-Pokemon Tower

That looks pretty good man :slight_smile: I’d like to check it out when its playable :slight_smile:

this looks awsome so far, id gladly help with some graphics and hurt animations :slight_smile: drop me an AIM NambisNaitaga when you get a chance.

Any live version? :open_mouth: