Portable Wine

I’m trying to play Graal Reborn at school like a scrub. Sadly the teachers have locked me out from installing Applications so I can’t get Wine on here. Is there a portable version I could download online or a way to get around these roadblocks? I really want to play games instead of doing proper work at school.

create a linux boot drive and just boot into a different operating system with wine on it.

why is your school not using windows?

Media-oriented schools usually have Macs. Atleast in Sweden.

maybe some weird setup with chroot and a flash drive.

I have an 8GB USB drive. I might check the wine forums for more info.

You create a live USB boot disk with Linux on it! That is the solution.

He can’t even install apps to their computers, you think they’re gonna let him run another distro off anything external? We’re talking about some people that are probably closed minded, come on.

Yeah I can’t really do anything at school with the computers. I can’t even go on mathisfun.com ffs

If you can plug a flash drive in without someone noticing, then maybe you can figure something out that runs within the prescribed environment.
Or you could do something terrible, like tunnel into a computer than can play Graal.

All you need is a USB port. I’m sure they cannot deny him that.

You’d be fuckin surprised. And no, you need to reboot the computer, into another OS. Again. Closed minded people. It’s an educational institution. You think they want someone to learn something?

I dunno what school you went to, but I was always allowed to re boot the computer and use a usb stick.

I can reboot that shit, I’ve never heard of being locked out from rebooting xD

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