Post things here that Stephane/Unixmad doesn't want people to see or hear.

Since the little weasel Stephane Portha aka Unixmad aka TheWallace aka TheKiddieDiddler and his sad pathetic middle aged minions such as “Darlene” don’t want people saying bad things about them, I suggest everyone defy fascism and do so anyways so show them the full wrath of the Streisand Effect.

Originally from which is probably deleted at this point…

[quote]So the other day I tried to log on to my account and was greeted with a global ban message stating to not unbann this account, later to find out my account was 100% disabled across the board. I did everything I could to get to the bottom of the issue and the ONLY information I have received is from Darlene, the forum admin. Here is the message

“It has been reported that you have been making comments against the Graal Management, mostly unimad, and also spreading false rumors about Graal, and the people working for Graal. The administration is working hard to get this game back on track, and do not need people working against them. Such negativity only hurts the game, it does not help it.”

Well, guess management is starting to kill off the people that actually care about the game and even offered to pay for management. **** em… [/quote]

Where is the evidence of these “false rumors about graal” or “negative comment about unimad” and if they even do exist, where is the evidence they are false?
Since both Stephane and Darlene are too dumb, dishonest and lazy to explain any reasoning at all, I will do it for them.
It was because iBlackSunday came here and asked some basic questions about MtGox and Stephane in response to the thread I made about it.

iBlackSunday was asking basic easily answered questions that if answered would have made Stephane look better and possibly clear him of it if he was innocent, but alas Stephane Portha has done everything possible to dodge and avoid this topic which also adds to and speaks volumes of Stephane’s criminality and guilt in the case of damaging MtGox, Mark Karpeles and indirectly resulting in the loss of billions of dollars in assets to innocent people.

Yes I will say it and confirm it here, Stephane Portha was the one who did all the DDOS against MtGox in 2011 and 2013 which led to the loss of the bitcoin keys.

Other technical details may have been the fault of Gay Bouchery, Mark Karpeles and others in the MtGox staff, but had it not been for Stephane Portha the MtGox losses would not have happened.

This is not a “false rumor” this is easily proven by looking at the data publicly available just search for “MtGox DDOS” in any search engine for legions of articles about it, also most of the DDOS came from France namely OVH SAS.

Look at the public French Court case filled with lies by Stephane Portha against an unknowing Mark Karpeles PROOF AT and extensively public and proven, also not “false rumor”

It has been pretty much proven at this point that Stephane Portha “Unimad” has lied about and attacked Mark Karpeles aka MagicalTux who was a former staff member at GraalOnline and who made pretty much all of their functional scripts outside of the vBulletin template… This includes lying to French police making up false charges, making a Court case and lying in court, even the French court itself acknowledges Mark Karpeles was never notified about the case against him and given no opportunity to defend himself or refute the lies.

The Court case allegedly stems from some bad deals involving and something involving Ragnarok Online. For randomness here’s a screenshot of his desktop from the period If you want more details feel free to ask MagicalTux himself because unlike Unixmad he will talk and be open/honest about things.

Mark Karpeles own documents in regards to FF.ST and and showing how Mark Karpeles is in the right here and Stephane Portha is in the wrong and a liar. these are also not “false rumors”

This is just on the subject Marlene seems to be claiming to be “false rumors” though without the Graal staff posting evidence of why he was banned this is only an assumption on my part I could be wrong or the ban could be for no reason at all, but me being the nice guy will play devils advocate for the corrupt liars sometimes.

As many of you know there is much more dirty stuff Stephane Portha has done spanning the course of decades.

If he and his middle aged weirdo buddies want to play dirty with innocent people I will make Exposing Stephane a bigger thing than ever. The only reason I have not is because nobody cares about them or Graal.

I will end by addressing this gem “The administration is working hard to get this game back on track, and do not need people working against them. Such negativity only hurts the game, it does not help it.”

Oh really? Then why hasn’t there been any updates, progress reports, posts or any information whatsoever? 6.113 is still the latest PC version which was released half finished and broken in September of LAST YEAR after Stefan Knorr was kicked out. Neither Stephane nor any of the GraalOnline/Eurocenter/Toonslab staff make any statements, responses or updates on the GraalOnline page, The GraalOnline Forums, The GraalOnline, Eurocenter or Toonslab Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.

In fact the last Youtube video advertising the last mobile game ripoff Stephane did was posted in 2011 ACTIVE 4 YEARS AGO. This is pathetic even for the most inept developers… All the bad Unity Asset ripoff games that are put on Steam Greenlight have a better media presence and openness than those clowns do. Twitter and Facebook are no better, nothing really posted or “developed” since 2011 at all.

Also the only legitimate company connected with GraalOnline and other products recently “Dissolved” with nothing moving or open up to take it’s place. see or more details in the thread I made at complete with citations and external links.

Also this is what any games media or people get when they try contacting them: “we had not previously able to talk with the company’s mail contact being in error (an unfortunate coincidence) and its official website indicating no phone number.”

Does “working hard to get this game back on track” involve closing down everything, hiding from everyone and just trying to censor/threaten any comments or criticism?

There is no evidence ANYONE at GraalOnline/Eurocenter/Toonslab/IWILLSTEALYOURMONEYSHELLCOMPANY are doing ANYTHING AT ALL. The game went off the track a long time ago and if anyone is doing anything it’s not getting it back on the track, it’s pushing the derailed train down the cliff to try hiding the fact it ever existed and went off track at all, then rinsing and repeating with a new different scam if anything is done at all. This is not a “false rumor” this is a factual observation based on the reality and available facts.

There is much more than I can and will post, anyone can feel free to copy/paste anything I post on to other sites and forums, also do google and other search engine searches on people, places and things and also look at places like . you will find a lot of stuff about anything you look for.

but I think I am done ripping these thieving scammers at GraalOnline a new hole for today…

Also know that iBlackSunday and anyone else banned, threatened, or otherwise wronged by these scumbags are welcome always welcome here and that I and many others have your back. Never bow to liars, thieves, threats, censorship or fascists. Always speak up and always fight back!

I hope you’re happy Darlene/Stephane/GO Scumbags . was banning one innocent guy who was reasonable and mostly favorable to your game previously really worth it? I watch and I wait, I do not forgive, or forget, I AM VIPER YOU FRENCHBREAD SACK OF GARBAGE, SO LONG AS YOU ARE DISHONEST AND THIEVING YOU WILL GET NO MERCY FROM ME!

Stephane I know you read this and you should know by now that I will only stop exposing your badness when you stop doing bad things. a good start would be unbanning or refunding and apologizing to all the people you have wronged, pay reparations to Dave Taylor, Mark Karpeles, Stefan Knorr and others. I know you won’t so deal with your dirty and criminal deeds being known to all you french sewer rat!

I feel like you would be a lot happier if you had never discovered graal.

very incriminating

This is kind of like asking if Jim Sterling would’ve been happier had he never found Steam or games made with the Unity engine… or if James Rolfe “The Angry Video Game Nerd” would’ve been happier had he never found NES games made by LJN…

Graal itself was a great game with lots of great people especially back in the late 90’s .

The problem is with less than a handful of parasitic and bad people that swooped in and exploited, harmed and killed off the community.

I am perfectly happy, I do not let negative things or stupid bad people get me down. Would I be happy if dishonerable trash like Stephane, Darlene or Nova never existed or that they stop harming children and doing other bad things? Of course.

It makes me happy whenever I can expose their corrupt scumbaggyness and help prevent other people from being harmed or ripped off.

Place yourself in the shoes of someone who was a loyal player for years and probably spent hundreds of dollars in the game only to be banned less than a few weeks after spending that said money in the game for a nonsense/false reason for example iBlackSunday, Thadeus, GodSpeed, Mafukie, the whole New World dev team ect, there are hundreds of examples… They would have been happier and had a few hundred more dollars if they never trusted Stephane or GraalOnline.

The practice of advertising a said product then taking someone’s money in exchange for said product then taking the promised product away by banning them is a criminal practice known as theft by conversion or fraud.

Alerting people to the fact that fraud is going on and that certain people are dishonest fraudsters that like to threaten children is a good thing.

iBlackSunday was banned for a petty/false reason that is not even covered in GraalOnline’s terms of service and no the “we can ban people for any reason without evidence or cause” is not an enforceable clause in contracts or terms of service and there are hundreds of case precedents over hundreds of years that cover this. The most cited and classical example of this in U.S. law is which also btw says that people must be paid a fair price for their work and allowed to compete something GraalOnline also violates…

The irony is I would have never made this post or said another thing about Stephane had iBlackSunday or someone else not been banned or had they not done another bad thing.

I am not sad I found Graal, it was a fun great game once upon a time, and it even still has good moments thanks to independent players and people.

Saying I would be happier if I never discovered Graal is like saying I would be happier if I never discovered France just because Stephane lives there.

Sure there are a lot of bad people in France and the France government is corrupt as hell with things like censorship, bribed police and crooked courts, but not ALL of the people are bad. Lots of French people are pretty good, several French people do great things in this community alone. Mark Karpeles understood France was a corrupt country and decided to leave. Lots of good French people either try to change the bad system or expatriate for better places.

It would be more correct to say I would have been happier if people like Stephane and Darlene never found Graal.

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The subtitles and his facial expressions match eerily well and make more sense than what he is actually saying… Especially the part at the end where the interviewer says “You are a terrible person” and Stephane is like uhhhhh oh… Seeing the creature in the wild is rare, but when you do it’s made clear there is something very much not right about it…

I’m not quite sure if you’re aware, but it’s not uncommon for a game dev or company to ignore its community and destroy it in the process. However I do agree that they are quite excessive with how they handle libel on their forums.

Edit: Example : RuneScape (GraalOnline), not much further off than us, killed off the entire PKing(Classic?) community of the game without a regard for what the people wanted. This caused people to leave the game and seek alternative “Private Servers”(GraalReborn) hosted by third parties that offered promise of a RuneScape(Graal) that could sate their hunger for the game they once played and enjoyed so much. Alas, nothing is ever as good at the original, most people quit the game entirely. There were few including myself which returned to the game when the “official” OldSchool servers were released, but the game will never be the same.