we have a german privateserver project.
please help us and look on our page, pls!

Eh, why would you use a old 1.39 GServer for when there is support for 2.17? :S

  1. Just go here to activate your account for playing graal:

  2. Download the server software (if you want to host a server):

  3. Download the client (requires bittorrent):

  4. All done. You can now play Graal Reborn.


Shouldn’t this be in GServer section?

Yes, but this german is retarded.

Eh, doesnt look like hes coming back anyway

wtf!? y is in your game a dialer?

graalphone.dll, is harmless (the dialer you’re talking about).
It is an official file provided by cyberjourers, so its not something planted by us.
We are unable to use its functions (talking over a microphone in game) so it is perfectly safe to delete it and never worry about it again.

can someone explain me, whow I can upload my server at Graal reborn?
i have an account and the sever software and the client.
if I’ve started the server I can’t play on it… :frowning:


Yeah, you may need to forward it.

Try that . . .

ok, thx

That guide is pretty old and doesn’t work when it comes to the servers settings.

Rev 51~ had another system for settings a.k.a the settings.ini.
From when we started to use Build instead of Revision we started to use the serveroptions.txt system.

  1. Open your serveroptions.txt
  2. Go to and register an address.
  3. Set myip = to your address.
  4. Edit c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts and write “ <>

example from my serveroptions.txt:

myip = <-- Up to date

This way makes it possible for both you and others to access your server without any troubles.

The one guide works to an extent though.
Mine is just myip = AUTO.
I just had to forward it. lol
Actually I went through a load of useless steps. :smiley:

Listen to Cadavre! xD

ok… I’ve only forgot to open the ports ^^
sry, for my bad english, im german :wink:

bYou’re English is readable, no sweat.[/b]

bReally??? I couldn’t tell man.[/b]

All good, just a little sarcasm. :smiley:
PS: I was browsing your site too. lol (I had to read it all with a translator though xD) <-- German Graal Reborn Community. Very inactive though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Segregation FTW. I dunno why they didn’t ask for moderators access for a German subforum or something, lol.

I was wrong :wink: