Problem with Bluetooth

Okay, so my Gateway laptop came with bluetooth software and a bluetooth module and all that stuff…

Now, at the time, I figured that I’d never need to use the bluetooth, and as far as I was concerned it was just taking up space, so I uninstalled the driver and all that. I also pretty much deleted a lot of my Vista drivers, getting my computer ready for Windows 7, which I now have installed on my laptop.

Unfortunately, now that I have a blackberry and would like to have bluetooth connectivity with my computer, now for some reason I cannot even get the bluetooth module to turn on. I’ve tried to re-install the bluetooth drivers, but I always get the same error message: “Please plug in or turn on your Bluetooth device”…

Any thoughts, helpful hints, advice?? :megaeek:

My thoughts: Bluetooth is garbage.

… lol, Bluetooth is one of the best advances in data transfer since the USB.

Try going into services and making sure no services that Bluetooth rely on are disabled. Also go into the device manager and do the same thing.

Just because it’s grown doesn’t mean it’s not garbage. I mean, look at satellite internet, or Graal.

Gonna try actually providing a reason or just keep going in the same direction?

Same direction, mostly.

Keep it clean, kalzor. Either you help providing a solution to his problem or you go post somewhere else.

Bluetooth is absolutely amazing… i’d have so many more cell phone tickets without it =(

Try a different Bluetooth “hook” or whatever they’re called; I use Bluesoliel.

Dongle :smiley: Best name for something in technology in a long time.

No, the word I couldn’t think of was Bluetooth “stack”. It’s basically a collection of drivers to communicate with different devices, be it a HID (Human Interface Device, ex keyboard, wiimote, mouse) or a headset.

The dongle (lolololol) is the piece of hardware, and his sounds like it’s internal anyways.


For Kalzor.

Solution: Don’t use Bluetooth.

Satallite = expensive orbiting garbage can .
Internet = Worlds largest porn market .
graal = worlds sadest excuse of a buisness .

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Everything’s garbage. Get over it.

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This thread is becoming ridiculous. Anymore of this and I’m closing it.