Problem with Guilds

I’m having a problem on Dreamscape when I try to create a guild. I have guilds already on the server (Admin, RC, PKL, etc.) but when I try to create a guild called ‘Haven Guard’, it just refuses to work.

The filename is: guildHaven_Guard.txt

The contents are:


Anyone see any problems with this? I’ve also tried the other format (just account names in the file).

Thanks in advance.

Try setting your nick to Orphen (Haven_Guard)

Just gave that a go, no luck unfortunately.

There used to be a bug were “_” wasn’t replaced with " ". Not sure if it was ever fixed.

Try removing the _ in the filename.

remove the space in the filename and try Orphen (Haven Guard)

far as I know, in 0.13.0 it works, cause I have the guild Marion Armed Forces (guildMarion Armed Forces.txt) and the tag works online.

in 0.13.0 or 0.14.0


How would it magically appear in 0.13.0? Seriously, think before you ask! :stuck_out_tongue:

im bored…FPeace has not been on Median XL for a while so I haven’t had any help getting the Sunstones of Fire Ice and Lightning.

also need more sleep…I hate having to take garbage to the street for the garbage-men…BAH @ THURSDAYS

What realm are you playing Median on? I want to join. is hosting 1.A9, im using 1.D9 RC, when d2maniacs updates to 1.D9 there will be a full realm wipe of all median characters…thats why I used the Bnet2SP utility to dump my chars to my laptop last week. 1.D9 Link

a lot of people stopped playing Median XL on d2m because they are waiting for the wipe…a lot are playing 1.D9 RC on hamachi to get a feel for the new stats and stuff, amazon Dragonforce isnt Overpowered anymore, Druid loses its charm trees to get shapeshifting skills again (Treewarden and Trap Rat), and various other things, check the 1.d9 thread for full details.