im new here (not to graal) and having problems my acc is activated and everything but it wont let me connect to any servers im on v.231 and can see all the servers u guys are running (mad props on sans thought ooi shut it down… me n disturbed tried to bring it back a few times and staffan was all like… NO! lol…) but it wont let me connect im running on a laptop with vista and i already put graal past my firewall… also did the npc glitch ever get fixed i dont remmember been too long and does the find n sieve hacks still work for… walking on water… and teleporting… lol… just wondering… this brings back memories…

Most servers are 2.22 enabled, 2.31 is for ones testing an experimental NPC-Server.
And you may get the occasional oddball like 1.41 for Bravo.

well thats helpfull… link?

You dont need a link? Use the 222 client, its downloaded with the client package.