Project Legacy (help wanted)

Attached is a preliminary design document outlining “Project Legacy”, a small server leaning toward classic Zelda-style gameplay. This project combines lessons learned from my experiences with Damasca Classic (from 2000 and, more recently, earlier this year) with simple, easily-attainable goals that may be completed by a design team consisting of less than five people.

This document was pitched to the community at Damasca, but as that project is sadly near death, it never went through. I hope it will see better success here and attract a few team members willing to work on it. If not, I may have to shelf it. I have to divide my time between other things during the day, and working on a server project all by myself is simply beyond what I can do. (because nobody else can do it, either.) With a reliable team by my side, however, the work load spreads around and makes it quite doable.

If you have any opinions to share or you would like to help, please post a reply.

This is a very nice idea… I will help…
any thing needed just ask me thou a pm in the forums.

Try looking at the date of posts. This thread is dead.