lol, anyone do this shit? i actually signed up. really curious to see if i can make money on the net without spending a dime.

Lots of ways you can make money online. This is not really a type worth anyone’s time, though. Unless of course, you want to make maybe a $1 from the PTC site by the end of the month. lol.

It’s called ebay.

I would need an easy way to make money, “under the table” so my social security doesn’t count it against me as “earned income”

ill freak out if i get a dollar by the end of the month

Hahah, well. They are “legit” depending on the site.

CPC & CPM are how Google & other places like Facebook make most of their money.

CPC=Cash Per Click.
CPM=Cash per x number of impressions. Usually, 1000.

PTC is like a low-end junk traffic form of that.

Such as if you were to advertise a site on facebook(those little ads you would see at the right of the page.) and you bid $1.00 per click and got that bid, every time you get a click the advertiser would have to pay out a $1.00.)

Most PTC sites focus on the market of $1.00-$1.50 per 1000 clicks which really diminishes the value of the clicks, especially since the users are clicking more for incentive then interest(like if on site with Google Adsense or if on facebook.)

There are also “GPT sites” which offer a number of ways for you to “get paid to” do things. I ironically run one of these sites(somewhat 'parttime") if you’re interested in making decent cash well above $1 a month(and I pay out on a daily basis.) & can also lead you to a bunch of one’s I am aware of, as well.

Hello, ebay. Want to scam someone out of $200 or so? There you go.

People still click ads?

i always thought all ads give you viruses no matter what?

AdBlock Plus. can lick my balls