punching script that does heart damage

i need a punching script that does heart damage

plz sombody suply me 1

or suply me a hp sys :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate to ask this of you, but why can’t you speak proper English? We get the idea you’re a total noob when you ask us to give you a script and throw in another while we’re at it.

If you’re just trick or treating just download the Ultimate Graal DVD and rip stuff off of it, otherwise the best way to get help is to help yourself by starting the script so we can help you work through it. Once you work through a few problems maybe some of the logic will stick and you can make all kinds of stuff.

However, I do believe Dontar hands out cookies, so just sit tight and he’ll hook you up.

Dun dun duuuuuun

Nice a broken link. Great find, Shiny!

I fixed it. Happy?


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I already know he’s a member. I was banned from his playerworld for being too mean to people.

Ya. I’m just giving the unaware a heads up as to what to expect :slight_smile:

punching script.
setsword no-sword.png;

haha I was thinking of posting that

He’s been here before. As retarded as always. I wonder why he won’t just try himself. I dunno why he expect that other people will do the work for him. ;(

I love to read his posts on Official, I laugh my ass off.

O_o learn to type, and even a 12 year old should have some understanding of proper grammar.

Because he had a NAT on his playerworld.

Who would NAT for this kid?

I don’t understand why being 12 has anything to do with how you spell or form sentences. If you actually talk and write like this you really need to inform your parents about the horrible education you are receiving, if you are educated at all.

I Know proper Grammer i just do not like to use it.


That is why you get called a retard.
Well, I’m sure there are other reasons…

Maybe you should use moderate grammar because most of use are 18+.

And believe you meant, “I know proper grammar. I do not like to use it.”

Ok if everybody stops calling me retard then i will

starting now .

Thank you for imforming me about my grammer problems .

ps. i like pie

I just had to say it :).

im smarter than most kids my parents say[/quote]

I don’t care what your parents say. They just want to make you feel better about yourself.


i just dont like to take the time to use proper grammer

i dont talk or anything like that

i just like to type without proper grammer
[/quote] Like I said, you should.

You don’t know anything about low patience. I have low patience.

The thing is, I was actually moderately more intelligent compared to my age group when I was in school, but didn’t give a fuck about school. I don’t see getting As a show of intellect. It just means that you do your school work. If I knew you in real life I’d want to punch you in your little, arrogant face.

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And now I’m going to say that you were MysticalNinja before using this account. (Check IPs, Riley.)