Another bug!

putnewcomp baddies do not drop items when the player kills them like normal baddies. They’re supposed to.

// NPC made by Com013 (LAT) if (playerenters || timeout) { if (compuscount<20) { this.testx=random(0,62); this.testy=random(0,62); if (!onwall(this.testx+1,this.testy+1)) { putnewcomp graysoldier,this.testx,this.testy,baddyleaf.png,8; putleaps 0,this.testx,this.testy; } } timeout=1; }

Edit: Also, this is something you could look into.

If you play classic you know know we have a couple gravity-style dungeons. But the baddies just ignore the gravity.
I’m sure there’s something like compus[index].mode. If you could look into that, it’d be great.

@Nalin: I also added you to Graal the Adventure RC if you need it for anything

compumode for default index >:P