Basically what happens is the images don’t load, just get walking shadows.

2 years ago though you just got default gray soldiers. :unixmad:

O_o you should explain what you want the new feature to do…

else this just seems like a bug report…

One of the VIPs whom doesn’t post told me to put it as a feature request. Who am I to dare question a VIPs request?!

The only VIP that doesn’t post would be My Tea 4. Could have said his account on here.

Nalin or someone will help you fix it up when they are online.

in the level:

// NPC made by Com013 (LAT) if (created) { putnpc ,leafbaddies.txt,x,y; destroy; // for the editor: setimgpart baddyleaf.png,64,0,32,32; }

in that leafbaddies.txt:

// NPC made by Com013 (LAT) if (playerenters || timeout) { if (compuscount<20) { this.testx=random(0,62); this.testy=random(0,62); if (!onwall(this.testx+1,this.testy+1)) { putnewcomp graysoldier,this.testx,this.testy,baddyleaf.png,8; putleaps 0,this.testx,this.testy; } } timeout=1; }

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My eyes are still bleeding from the backpal, hope you’re switching everything over to seteffect. And who’s this tea bagger, is Keiya going to get mad about inappropriate activities?

Yeah, we’re working on fixing that. The tea bagger’s name becomes obvious when you sound out his account name and are familiar with classic staff.

I was one of the losers that played N-Pulse back in like 2001, Classic was too much for my dial-up… Why the fuck am I still on dial-up? I should move…

You’re still on dial-up? I feel bad for you… Are you using an E-Machine as well?

Nah, I just live in a strange spot where nobody wants to provide service, it’s literally a square mile of fuck you little man. My only alternative is ultra expensive shitty satellite service. Computer’s actually up to date…

Oh god I sympathize, when I lived in Oklahoma I was stuck with this hueg sattelite dish internet too.

My “bucket” was always full or empty or whatever I always got throttled and crap

and if the lens got wet goodbye connection.

HaHa, yay Oklahoma…

I feel bad … There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
Chuck Norris lives in Oklahoma.

Anyway, that aside … I had dial-up a few years back.
Now I have cable. :slight_smile:

No shit >.<

Comcast… gives internetz to all of the North East.

Thanks a lot Nalin, I appreciate it.