Random tile patches appearing?

Random tiles patches are appearing through my levels from a level to another, why is that and how can I keep it from happenning?

You’ll have to be more specific. Do you have pictures?

This happens randomly through levels and seems to be a patch from a level copied to another part of the level, they’re not tiling errors…

Try to update all the levels at once :o

/updatelevelall in RC

Haven’t seen that in awhile :3 But then again, I haven’t seen any myself online when I was in D: It could also be determined by connection (Which shouldn’t be an issue considering you’re the one hosting it more than likely) :c

More than likely when you’re ctrl+v’ing to make more of the side walk you click there without noticing because the graal editor is retarded and moves your mouse every goddamn time.

I’ve played through these levels countless times offline and this is not appearing.

Could it be an old level you had uploaded that you haven’t updated yet? Try re-uploading the level via the RC. I’m not sure if that is the right answer, but we might get there trying enough things.

I never leave random patches like that in levels, they’re underdetailed but I never leave them that unfinished.
Plus this really happens everywhere…
During my online time I did do updatelevelall but the bug was still there.

This only happens online and on setmapped levels,
my maps are in the serverconfig list too.


Edit: Actually our mess was mostly from bushes/swamp/vase tiles. Unless you’re using a tile that’s not on the active tileset that’s something else.

Do you have any weapons that change tiles? Like hammer?

I thought of that but it happens before I obtain either the hammer or the shovel.


I think I figured it out, it was the Dash Boots, since I’ve commented out the deprecated part that was first meant to replace bush and grass tiles(only…) when you ran through them, the “randomness” stopped. w00t! I’m glad it was that simple, I was really convinced the problem was server side.