RC Question

Is it possible to add new folders to the server through RC?

I know you can with Graal Online’s current RC. I’m not sure about the one we are using. I don’t use it much.

Oh poppycock ;[

Would it hurt you to try? ;D

I just need a ganis and images folder to soothe my organizational neediness.

Edit your foldersconfig.txt file, dawg.

No I need to add folders

That what that does. Edit your foldersconfig.txt to display the appropriate information and it will display it in the RC folders area.

Hum, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong then.

I thought foldersconfig.txt was just for changing the types of file and rights for the folders. Technically I have an images folder in my foldersconfig.txt, but it doesn’t show in my folder list.

Good, so I wasn’t imagining things. I couldn’t do it the last time I tried, either. Figured I had a jank client or something. Now I know otherwise.

Alter your foldersconfig.txt to point to all directories where your files are stored on the server. This is the only way for them to show up in RC.

With GraalOnline, you could add folders by simply adding the folder access in a staff member’s rights. For example:
rw levels/piepants/*

And thus, the folder would be created as soon as a file is uploaded to that new location.

However, this does not work with Graal Reborn. I just tried it myself. The only way to add/delete a folder, would be to have direct access to the computer hosting the gserver. Whether it be FTP access or you’re simply sitting at the PC.

The downside to GraalOnline during the 2.x days, was you could NOT delete folders… so as manager of Valikorlia, I had / access (as in, everything, though this doesn’t work on Reborn either). So I was seeing probably over a hundred folders, most of them completely empty. But they couldn’t be removed, lol. For a neat freak like me, it was a nightmare. A mess I could not clean XD