RC Trouble

I’m trying to help my friend get onto RC so she can learn the game better however when she goes into RC2 and gets to the server list, nothing shows up… any idea why this is happening?

arrays2.dat, I’m thinking.

yes, my freind had this problem too, arrays2.dat fixed it.

What do you mean, delete it like you would FILENAMECACHE.txt?

Make sure it’s pointing to the list server is what I assume they mean. Open that shit in notepad.


arrays2.dat has no relation to RC at all. RC doesn’t use arrays2.dat. The host it connects to is built-into the .exe itself.

One of the cracked RC’s was modified to read the first line of arrays2.dat, I can’t remember which one though. (Probably RC1)

It seems to work now she didn’t do anything but restart the computer from what I gather… thanks for the help though.