RC - Weird connection problem.

My RC isn’t connecting to my server anymore. I have the server up and running fine, I can log into the client and server fine, but when I try to connect my RC it does something weird. It connects fine but then it won’t display any information, or do anything with the server. If I close the server down, it says the RC has been disconnected.

I’ve checked my serveroptions.txt and it’s set up correctly as far as I can tell. I am also using the latest gserver.

Any suggestions?
If you need anymore information, just ask.

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I have just found another problem too and I have no idea what it is! I have problems trying to connect to any servers from any account. I know it isn’t a firewall problem.

I select which server I wish to play on and it says ‘Loading Account…’ and just stays there and locks up.

Any ideas on this one too?

Download the RC Client again.

The remote control seems to always have issues of some sort. Maybe we need a Remote Control Sticky to resolve these kinds of issues?

The only thing I dislike about the RC right now if you can’t actively edit more than 1 level. Other than that, it seems to work as good as it ever did.

Tried it and still having the same problem.

Off-topic: Also, good job on getting EL up again. I used to play it 24/7.

If you’d like I can send you the RC that works for me, what OS are you on?

Thanks, we’re looking for staff if you’re interested :smiley:

I don’t think it’s the client that’s the problem, Spy. But thanks for the offer. I’m going to check connection problems.

Also, about EL: I’d love to be staff but the fact is I just can’t work on Graal-related content all the time. That’s why Dreamscape is only a part-time project for me :stuck_out_tongue: But once again, thanks for the offer!

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I think I’ve narrowed the problem down to the same problem other people are having with my server. The server boots up fine and I can connect, as can a few other people but other people are having problems connecting. They get stuck on the ‘Loading Account…’ screen. I’m assuming the RC is having a similar problem.

I have no idea what the problem might be, any suggestions on this one?

Well think about it and if you change your mind go here to our site http://www.elvenlands.net/

how do my friends conenct to my server?!?!?!?!

I managed to fix the problem with accounts not being able to connect. It turns out I didn’t have the most up-to-date gserver version :stuck_out_tongue:

Just having a problem with the RC now. It says I don’t have rights despite placing my account name in the correct .txt file. I noticed it checks for upper and lower case letters now, but I’ve tried both variations of my account name with no luck. Is there any other areas I need to alter to allow use of the RC?

Check the IP setting != ...


No sooner have I got it working, it stops working again!

It says I don’t have rights to edit anyone now, but the RC is connecting perfectly. >.>

Did you check you’re IP? That got me for a good 15 minutes

Yeah, I did what you said and it fixed the problem of connecting with the RC. But now I have no rights to use the RC for some reason, despite having my account name in serveroptions.txt .

Be sure you have this at the bottom of your account

IPRANGE *.*.*.*
FOLDERRIGHT rw accounts/*
FOLDERRIGHT rw guilds/*
FOLDERRIGHT rw npcprops/*
FOLDERRIGHT rw world/*
FOLDERRIGHT rw world/bodies/*
FOLDERRIGHT rw world/ganis/*
FOLDERRIGHT rw world/global/*
FOLDERRIGHT rw world/hats/*
FOLDERRIGHT rw world/heads/*
FOLDERRIGHT rw world/images/*
FOLDERRIGHT rw world/shields/*
FOLDERRIGHT rw world/swords/*
FOLDERRIGHT rw world/sounds/*

Nice one, Spy. Works perfect. Thanks alot!

Not a problem, always glad to help.