I am currently reading a book on the definitions of “economy”, how hard it is to define, and what we can learn from the different ways it was defined through time. The different definitions express the different points of views on the economy and it affects how the science is dealt with. Keynes probably defined “economy” differently to the classical economists, which is an interesting prospect.

What about you guys? What are you currently reading?

I also had that idea;
we could start a reading group. Topics such as computer science or game design? Talking about what is read is a great way to make it stay in your mind.

i read scifi non stop

I read pretty much everything and am all over the place. However my main interest is in Sci-Fi and Dystopia novels such as stuff like Brave New World, Animal Farm, 1984, Ender’s Game, Morals and Dogma, Ecoscience. I also like movies of the same theme such as THX 1138, They Live, Blade Runner, The Running Man, Terminator, The Matrix ect… Though these days I just read files and plans that so-called governments, groups and corporations publish or have laying around their ftp servers as they are more Orwellian and dystopic than any fiction book I can find. Everyone’s future is being locked in a pod with a lame V.R. headset world like the matrix but more lame.

I also like the Star Trek books such as the books Dyson’s Sphere and Dark Mirror. I however refuse to touch the new Star Trek series STD with a 10 foot pole and refuse to consider that legitimate or canon in any sense.

I also like the original J.R.R Tolkien books such as the Two Towers in fact I think it was among the first books I read/looked at in the late 1980’s.

I also like survival and adventure books both fictional and serious such as The Hatchet novel and The Foxfire series of books.

I’m going through a software engineering course, and my professor is really pushing me to read Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software. Thinking about picking out the important elements from it this winter break.

How did you feel about the new Blade Runner?

Looks like a list of solutions to common problems, thanks for mentioning it.
It may be a contender for the “reading group”.

The choice would obviously fall on which most of us are motivated to read.

[ I checked it out and I realize I’m still eager to learn more about vocabulary. Terms such as “race condition”, “waterfall approach” or “decoupling” which I learn drop by drop are always like a realization. It is pitiful. Any suggestion on that topic would be great. ]

My “reading” is articles and explanations on the web. If I want to know how something works, I find a reliable source to run me through it. If I want to expand my knowledge on something, I read the rest of what’s on a site I previously used, or look for a more broad resource.

Books are pretty great though, not bashing. I like using books for challenge resources, like answering questions in them and transferring the questions to a separate sheet of paper.

I read.

was re0readubg The Name of Wind (excellent book) and a ton of programming and basic math books. If you like fantasy/LOTR type books check out the name of wind and a wise mans fear, it’s a trilogy, but the damned third book isn’t out yet. Been waiting for years.

I also used to read the Berserk manga, which is friggin awesome. The next book I am going to read is The Expanse book set. I had a quick peruse of it a few months back and it was just as interesting as the TV show.

Haven’t been able to do any reading lately due to eyesight issues, so readings practically out of the question. Just to read the forums, I literally have to smash ,y face against hte screen. Look like a stereotypical nerd hunched over a keyboard lol. Really pisses me off.

I read books on how to improve my lack of a social life, then don’t put anything into practice because who needs that when this forum is still around.

I read the name of the wind. I liked it

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What do these books say?
Read anything about “game”?

I prefer not to read books that call for action. Here’s something about socializing that is informative. I don’t remember if he mentions it; when discussing with people. Most of the time a group. Take a quick look at everyone’s feet. If no foot point toward you or you are not contained in the angle of anyone’s pair of feet, you are undesired.

These are just things that you learn as you continue to program. I’m currently going through a software engineering course that utilizes a book called “Applying UML and Patterns: An Introduction to Object-Oriented Analysis and Design and Iterative Development.” This book has been extremely helpful, and is a really good source for SE related concepts, like waterfall or the coupling of programs. Things like race condition, however, are usually learned in computer architecture or operating system courses. I’m pretty sure I learned that term specifically from a book called “Operating Systems Concepts.”

I will say that your time is probably better spent in courses on these topics, since the professors typically provide a really nice summary of the content of these textbooks. It just isn’t viable to sit down and read programming or computer science books. By the time you finish them, you’ll have forgotten over half the material, and never applied it to anything.

Sciences are so thick. I’d write that book if I could.

As for finding a course; you are right. But for now I mainly want my brain to connect in new ways and I love computer sciences.

I think I will take that course on advanced high school maths I’ve never had the chance to take. I’ve literally just spent like 20 minutes trying to come up with a good reason not to take lessons.

I honestly have not seen it yet. It’s probably alright and I will probably get around to seeing it sometime.
I’m usually not in a big hurry to see remakes of old things. Maybe because a lot of newer works have turned out to be mediocre turds or I have been soured by the new ghostbusters remake or JJ Abrahms shitting on everything. Not saying the same is true for the new Bladerunner or other new remakes, I simply don’t know yet.

Another example would be that I thought Earth Final Conflict was a good series through seasons 1 through 4 but then season 5 turned it into some really bizarre/lame thing with teenybop vampires. or How Stargate SG1 was a good series, SG Atlantis was kinda okay and then Stargate Universe shat all over the franchise and put it to death… Trendy, Teenybop and SJW influences crap on and ruin everything I once enjoyed.

In the 1800’s and 1900’s Vampires sucked blood, in the 2000’s and 2010’s Vampires suck cock… Replace Vampires with anything else and it’s probably also an accurate analogy.

I haven’t read a book since 2 years ago in highschool. pretty good accomplishment