Remember to save and reboot often ;)

Ok so I’d like to share a LESSON I have learned

I spent a long time trying to make a sweet pic representing my game dude. Using Vincents head 1299.png sitting down, Bombs were involved it was great.

All using the game sprites from graal and yes of course Bomber-servers (EYE) grafixs (Thanks there amazing)

Even recolored and touched up body13.png blended many layers together seemlessly and as it approuched yes sad to say 2:30am…still slow at this.

I had the great thought I should save this because my computer is lagging…
and just as I was going toFileand Save as the whole system froze… Task manager told me GIMP 2 was using 99 % of my Computers prosessing power…

Though I tried, sadly I couldn’t save it but I gained experiance and I can recreate it again also learned a valuble lesson that I won’t neglect again :wink:


I do it subconsciously now.

Same Shiny, I’m always hitting it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, seriously x_x

oh yes, reboot and save–got it

No, reboot, THEN save.


That works right

Oooohh got it that does make more sense Thanks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sounds like GameMaker, they released a new version, and it automagically makes masks for you and sometimes it crashes, there is NO WAY to turn it off either.

Oh you…

so thats why body 13 wont work… :whatever:

I’m surprised no one called this guy on his wrongness

He wouldn’t ruin his! Gawd, each server has their own files, that has NOTHING to do with that he was doing. Ugh, I am not even writing this down properly, someone else take it for me.

Haha VW

that thing looks like shit, my fairlane would kick its sorry ass back to nazi land NAZI LAND YOU SAY?


hail this nazi land, lol

I know I’d hit it, more please!