Renting a server (no not a gserver go away)

Is that even the right phrase, fuck if I know!

You know. Monthly/Yearly fees.
SSH into it. Maybe one of those virtualwhatever I forget what it is

It’d be sweet if I could set up an IRC bouncer on it.

Would be willing to pay for extra functionality like specifically uh
I can’t remember the terms FUCK but I’ve seen hosting where you pay for it and it comes with a distro and more expensive hosting where you can put whatever you want on it.

Virtualization crap.

I’m stoned.

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lol u funny

:open_mouth: gllt has his own irc channel

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I’m sure someone who is more familiar with VPSs could tell you more about pricing ranges…

I have a copy of Bravo if you’re desperate.

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Update: Also have a current version of Zolderon!!

Well I found this!

ffs VW >:|

a dedicated server…??