Repairing the headphone jack.

A long time ago, I posted about fixing my laptops screen after dropping it, I had to take the whole ****ing thing apart in order to fix it but putting it back together was easy. Now, it seems the headphone jack is completely broken.

You can’t plug in any kind of headphones into it since it just moves around and doesn’t click into place. I went ahead and took this stupid ass thing apart again to take a look, let’s just say its destroyed as in there is nothing there anymore.

I don’t want to use a shitty USB headset or some kind of USB sound card, if you can also give me a link to the said part that would be greatly appreciated.

i would just rip one out of another device and solder it on. i dont think whatever came off is anything fancy like with a chip in it or anything.

Yeah, I have a couple of old computers sitting around and thought about doing it that way instead. Before I do this though, are all of same the same?

Sounds stupid and I know the answer but I’d like to make sure.

I assume they are all roughly the same size

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Used one from a netbook and it doesn’t seem to have any issues.

Went ahead and locked the thread since it all went smoothly.