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What would be the best way to replace a default animation for just the player on the fly? And also NOT replace the animations for all players in the level?

My only thought is to use gani attributes, and lots of them, and then use replaceani to replace the default gani for everyone to the same gani, and then it still kinda limits me…

Any suggestions?

setani? :stuck_out_tongue:

Wouldn’t I have to constantly call it every 0.05 seconds to replace a default walk ani or something like that? :[

probably… I’m no Scripting pro. :stuck_out_tongue:

replaceani. That will replace the person’s animation and doesn’t need a loop. It will stay replaced until replaceani is called again for that specific animation. If the script is attached to a player (as in, part of a weapon/inventory item), it will only affect that player, where a script on the level can affect all players in the area.

replaceani walk,drunken_walk;

That’s just the thing. :[
I have a menu system that switches different types weapons, thus switching the idle and walk gani to show the player carrying them. However, when I can get the menu system, warp out of the level, and then equip a pistol, I walk into all my shops and all the NPCs are holding pistols. If I don’t equip it, they aren’t.

I don’t get it?

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And this is why testing online with other players is important. I’m such a tard.

You were right SolarT. It appears the problem is just limited to NPCs and not players. Which I guess can be fixed by having them use an idle gani that is identical to idle but not named idle.

You need to add setcharani to each of your NPCs so they keep that gani even when replaceani is called. For example, in an idle NPC you would add this after it’s setcharprops:
setcharani idle,;