[Request] GFXer Needed!

Can anyone possibly help me make a futuristic tileset for my side project server named Lazer Arena? I have a small tileset and not much to work with… Does someone have a tileset like Spawn’s tileset from real graal if so that would be great if someone could post it up here for me! Almost any modern tileset will work

Nope. YOU LOSE! iWin!

Please im serious… I cannot get an era tileset to work…

addtiledef image,levelstart,type; specifys the tiles images for all levels that start
with ‘levelstart’ (0-standard type,1-new order)

you need to use 1 for the ype to get this tileset to work…

I know how it works I used this tileset on my modern server with downsider tyvm I give you thanks/rep! Someone close this forum!

haha, after i posted it i realized the tileset is a jpeg image xD

here’s the gif

I will keep your thanks on the other post just to double thank you because ive spent endless hours looking for this but I ask of one more thing do you have some of the spawn images because that would be much appreciated also

There now stop asking for stuff

OMG I Love you! Downsider just sent me my server with all the gani’s/levels but no images all I need now are just some sounds but I will find some by searching on the internet tyvm!
EDIT: DAMN IT thats not all of them! i need the mp5 the m16 gani images… do you have them? oh and the shotgun if possible?

Maybe… walk around on Era for 5 seconds? o_o

true that

:confused: not exactly I need spawns images of those but I guess I can work with era’s whatever
EDIT:I walked around era for about 5 mins and then a clan pk event popped up so as soon as I got in I got atleast 15 guns/gani’s LOL

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I probably have m5 and m16. I’ll look.

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Do you need the gani or the images?

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oh look I got an m16

Glyde can you host those gun images/ganis that you got from the pk event on mediafire or somewhere for me? :stuck_out_tongue: