Retardgo Returns

Antago / Brian now tried to claim he was not [email protected] but hilariously it took less than 3 hours for him to tard out and revert back to the exact same style.

Besides it being ridiculously obvious and coinciding with his forum posts here I have proof including IP addresses / RoadRunner/Time Warner Ohio “71.79..” that "[email protected]" is Antago / Brian E. Bryant

as does the FBI at this point thanks to his attempts to contact them lying about me and attempt to get me SWATed back in September. The FBI and all other places he contacted did not believe his lies, talked to me of which I told the truth and showed the evidence of the threats against me. I also have an official complaint lodged with them that is active.

I know that lunatic cyberstalks these forums and will probably see it within minutes if not seconds of posting

so my message to Brian is this, check yourself in to a mental health and recovery facility, looks like a good place to go for a year or two or until you are cured of your nonsense.

All the content I have posted is publicly available stuff that you yourself posted and is also either public domain or property of GraalOnline which is unused and has since fallen into abandonware status. Everything is 100% legal and I will remove nothing due to threats.

I may however remove Destiny and Graal2001 as they are low quality content that nobody cares about and nobody has actually downloaded.
for example the meme KIM JONG IL HACKED YOUR SERVER level pack and Playerworld130 get more downloads. I think Graal2001 and Destiny have only had 2 or 3 downloads in like 5 years and im pretty sure it was Antago himself that downloaded them “you’re welcome”

The story is the same and always will be the same. - When someone threatens me, attacks me or lies about me I will respond by merely telling the truth about them.

[quote]Add star Daffodil[email protected] Wed, Jan 31, 2018 at 7:02 AM
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I have said a lot of things you may disagree with. I am a truth seeker, but most of my claims are true.

My claims about Graal are true. I am a follower of Christ, and I don’t believe the official narrative of 9/11. I don’t like you because you should have defended me instead of harassing me when I was 12 and then stealing my victim status later, and complaining about Unixmad but never supporting me.

But I am not Mr. Graalian @ Proto whatever it was. I have no interest in harassing or following you, and quite frankly my beliefs in 9/11, the Age of Aquarius, and my jokes about trademarking religion are not palatable in court. The fact that you would like to take things out of context simply isn’t reality.

As for speaking to an Archangel, I used a spirit board and a friend was with me; it was not a hallucination, so it’s confusing enough for me.

I simply don’t have time to harass you, although I would love to see you repent. You may leave the page up about me although I’d prefer if you’d drop the crusade as I myself could do the same to you, but know that a lot of the things you have posted on there are not actually from me, and remove the MrGraalian misassociation, you must have somebody else coming after you and you will need to solve that case for yourself.

And I resent you, but I empathize and I am sorry you are being harassed with the claims MrGraalian is making.


[quote]Daffodil[email protected]m Wed, Jan 31, 2018 at 7:14 AM
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And if you re-read the poor English it sounds like Unixmad.[/quote]

[quote] Daffodil[email protected] Wed, Jan 31, 2018 at 10:18 AM
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Actually as a matter of fact, remove the page or I will have grounds for suing you for both slander, defamation of character, harassment, professional damages, revealing private information about myself & conspiring to recruit others to assault me by throwing me into an institution, and loss of profits. Both now and going back to childhood when you erected a website slandering a 12 year old.

You have many enemies, and to even begin to start placing your guilt upon me, prescribing drugs to me online in an isolated page, associating those bad English e-mails about the raging dragon, FBI, your personal information, and whatever else from one of your many enemies you have provoked throughout the years as now being both my responsibility but also my illness & grounds to destroy me, when each of those emails look exactly like all of your historical disputes with Unixmad down to his incessant use of the prefix “Mr.” which he throws around all the time?is utterly reckless.

I am also sending you a cease & desist on placing my content out for download online which is still copyrighted by myself. Remove all of my fucking content, my name, my account from your forums & all of my posts which you have literally just proven to be leverage into your 20 year long sick world of emotional damages against me & slander, and keep your stupid online battles to yourself. You truly are a deadbeat. I already have enough evidence and reason to sue you for hundreds of thousands of dollars at least; I would quite frankly love to have you take me to a civil trial over these false allegations because I would be ecstatic to sue you for every last fucking penny you own.

There are 20 years of evidence with your obsession & addiction to Graal; your theft; your emotional harassment toward me and slandering me on SG111 Soundoff and everywhere else; 20 years of copyright infringement against me; trademark infringement against Graal. Your harassing countless people, and being attacked by countless enemies through all of your piracy, warring, slander, and theft.

For legal reasons, this is my official message: Remove that page, and cease & desist on all copyrighted material with both Destiny and Graal 2001 & keep your ugly little harassment games with Unixmad to yourself. You don’t even belong in this community, and I am sure a jury is more than happy to see my side of things as a troubled spiritual seeker as opposed to a homophobic slandering computer thief obsessed with enemies he fabricated for himself in a game he never contributed to, apart from downloading and for 20 obsessive years decided to park his stupid ass around to emotionally damage the members including myself.

On Wed, Jan 31, 2018 at 10:14 AM, Daffodil [email protected] wrote:

And if you re-read the poor English it sounds like Unixmad.[/quote]

This guy has fantasies about shooting up schools. I am seriously and legitimately concerned about this guy. I see the next Adam Lanza or Dylan Roof in the makings here…

I’d hate to be that one guy on CNN or Fox News 2 or 3 years from now saying “I tried warning everyone but nobody would listen, this tragedy could’ve been prevented” - - - - - -

The mentally handicapped and sanity lacking person keeps on going… It’s more sad than funny. Seriously he needs to check out the mental health facility I linked for his own good, or his brother or mother needs to make him go there before he goes to federal prison.

I already talked to the people he called and lied to about and he is the one in imminent trouble and risk of prison, not me. I also put in another call yesterday, this is not ending well for Brian E. Bryant. The best he can hope for is to check in to a Mental Health facility to avoid federal charges. again is a good place in his area that can help him.

My sites about him stay up forever

just like Spider’s has since Antago first started tarding out in 1999 - - - -
and all the other stuff on Spider’s Page of Stuff which is the first and original page to archive the idiocy of the bizarre kid.

and just like the post on Rapture Forums detailing his death threats against them.…-laugh.123471/ -

He started this every time, he did this to himself. He has no moral high-ground to whine about it.

Note at no time did I ever accuse him of being “unixmad” I proved him and the FBI proved him of being Mr. Graalian using [email protected] sending me the threatening messages.

“You aren’t an armed & dangerous serial killer you are seriously barking up the wrong tree if you think I would be dumb enough to make a ridiculous threat.”

Thanks for admitting the obvious, but it’s already too late, Brian committed serious crimes and must be accountable for them.

I never was his friend and never wanted to be, the same deal as everybody else disliking him. Not when he asked me “and several other male graal players” to be his b/f back in early 2000 and I turned him down explaining to him that I was heterosexual, not 2 or 3 years later when he tried hiding under the name “cazeda”, not a decade after that when he again started unsolicited spamming my emails, not when he came onto the graalians and these forums threatened and harassed everyone and got banned repeatedly and certainly not now. Everyone dislikes and ignores him for very good reason. - The moral of this story is don’t try to be nice to insane people, don’t even talk to them.

I had no idea you had Graal 2001 on your server… is it a recent version? I mean, does it have that tetris thing on it? I have wanted to see the source code of that thing forever.

No idea, never really looked much into it or cared about it to be honest. It is one of the earlier versions probably the first year or two of being up.

It’s low quality crap at least the antago parts and early versions, it got better later on when people with real talent added stuff to it years after antago disappeared but it’s not great and not my cup of tea in any case, the tetris minigame who someone else made later is probably the best part of it. In any case It’s well beyond pubic domain and commons at this point. and even IF there were any copyright to that or anything on my site it’s Stefan Knorr that would have it, not some random loony toon that made maybe 10% of the NPCs and graphics at most all of which he did willingly, for free, not under contract and by his own admission “using a pirated version of photoshop”. If the statute of limitations had not ran out over a decade ago Antago could of argued successfully “and quite easily” that he was mentally unfit when he made it thus having GraalOnline and Stephane have to delete it.

The site I run is basically the ONLY site left still around that has archived old graal stuff and the little garbage that Antago did make. I could easily just erase it, all NPCs, all graphics, levels, text and mention of him from Graal and have it be as if he never existed at all. On a personal level it’s tempting for me to do after all the idiotic annoyance and harassment he has attempted to put me through.

I had said in the past that some of his levels were kind of okay and thanked him only because I took pity on him and thought that anyone that annoys Unixmad and GraalOnline staff gets my approval. However the Retardgo is like a dog with rabies or Peter Griffin’s Peter Copter. Not really worth the trouble… How I REALLY felt about Graal2001, Bomy Bopots, Hats, Graal NewMain and all the other similar style crap is that it was/is a cancer that is aesthetically unpleasing compared to the classic Link To The Past, other Zelda and traditional 2d RPG styles and overall it detracted from Graal greatly much like Era also did. Graal Classic or X-Online versus Graal2001 or Destiny is like comparing Chrono Trigger to the spam Unity asset Android mobile games. I don’t like it and I never really liked Antago or anything about him, neither did anyone else in “The Graal Community” when it actually existed.

Nope, too old. No Tetris in there.