I wish you the best of luck, if you put your time and effort into it. You can make it non-nooby!

You better not be one of those people who just quit making a server after they find out there not going to get help when anyone else can make there own server -_-

Most people on the forums will help you but you will be hard pushed to find anyone who is willing to help your server unless you can proove its not noob. Remember you have to make the first steps!

Like me :smiley: sameira used to get lotsa players till I resetted it XD I’m working on it

Please do not PK on boots

but pk with boots is fun

Im not gonna give up, i fight for ur guys repect

You fight for our guys repect

you fight for us you fight for fried chicken

Never gonna give you up,
Never gonna let you down.
Gonna fight for your respect,
Gonna look for a word that rhymes with respect.

OF COUSE!!!:noob:

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UM whts the script for shop!!!


Learn it yourself, it’s the best way for you to know how and then you will know how to do it.

i read the two things i still have no idea

facepalm no ones gonna actually do stuff for u yet unless they see u actually got a decent server running with good levels and decent scripts. When they do they’ll see u aren’t one of those idiots who starts a server and just asks for help, wastes other peoples time and ends up deleting the server and leaving GR

lol i was just say i had no idea still, i never said anythin about someone give me it

It’s got some viruses

Y are they there in the first place

ok ill try downloadin it thn

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Hmmmmmm I donk no wht where do i click on it???

o now i understand thks ill download it as soon as i get home


i have used a new tileset i found

ill post a sceen shot soon