Riley rocks

riley fiery is a cool dude he shouldnt be getting dissed like this maybe if you dont like what he is doing to your posts tell beholder or urza he is just doing his job.

What the fuck?

Is Urza still active on the forums at all?

How insightful of you. I forgot that harassing younger people was his job. :slight_smile: I guess it was all a misunderstanding. I <3 Riley! [/sar-motherfucking-casm]

someone on un sent me this could stop laughing[COLOR=“Silver”]

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Chill the fuck out, Kondie. You were banned because you have too many infractions. It’s automatic. Stop acting like a fucking child.

And, someone remove that stupid video.

go cry in the closent fag[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]its sad the only entertainment you get out of graal is flaming each other.


[Adult related material. Take it to the 18+ section /b/]

never XD ;D so if kondie is banned then why is he on[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]no im not gay tripp said this was the secret to sparring

It’s sad that a “17-year-old” thinks an Indian music video is funny. I’ve never seen such a fucking retarded “17-year-old.” The thought of you driving a motor vehicle is one of chaos and death. If you are truly 17-years-old, I am extremely concerned because your intelligence is unnaturally miniscule.

-_- fuck your opinions spooon

Give him hell bayne

give em hell riley

He’ll be voting soon :frowning:

too bad gllt isn’t here to make this thread better

and by here I mean if you’re here you probably have literally nothing else to do.

Holy shit, Bayne is 17? D: iz scurred

Actually, he’s “17.”

kondie ill admit im retarted if you admit your gay.

Bayne, don’t even try to start a flame war with me. I will rape your fucking asshole like no tomorrow.