Riley. V2?

Seriously. That was immature. We weren’t done. You can’t lock a thread after asking a question.

(Unless that was someone else)

To answer the question, I guess you’re right, you haven’t closed a Misc. thread in a while.

at least spoon can moderate with awesome style

i think riley is about to ban me.

___Merged doublepost__________________

lol nm. just got a stupid warning from him via pm.

i survived the ban!

And you managed to post 3 times in a row, with out a double posty thingy.


I assumed only spoon had magic.

Hosler is my pupil.

Says who

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Me, fag.


Is that a MAGIC MB860 with Tapatalk?


go away already

you make that in paint or photoshop?

Photoshop, dur.

just wondering because its professional and easy to understand. the two things i look for in graphs.

I may be reading that wrong, but doesn’t that say you give fuck tons of shit…?

nope. hes saying i say fuck tons of shit, and he doesnt give a single fuck. he does give a three day ban though.