You live in Blacksburg Virgina? That’s where my brother lives and where my slingbox steals eerr gets cable tv from so I can watch cable in ohio…

PMs are now a thing of the past and no longer used, because of this, the meaning of life itself has changed.

That picture is old, if it wasn’t I would have thanked you.

Nice … lol
Why’s your brother live in Blacksburg?

He goes to Virginia tech (College shootings where the Chinese college student killed a bunch of people, for anybody wondering) as well as his fiance. I get free cable TV thanks to the slingbox pumping it over the net so it feels like I;'m in Virginia watching it commercials. Unfortunately he’s a roman catholic so he’s part of the minority there. On the plus side compared to Ohio their are virtual no black people (the bad type) which is cool and weird at the same time.

On that note I got to see the reopening of a building that was closed down for a few years after that Chinese kid raged against the students at Virgina tech in RL


I thought gllt, to you, was anything BUT your friend?

No, you. I prefer a food to be my friend than a Beholder fanboy!

Beholder is the shit. And on that note [quote=“neildiamondspit”]On the plus side compared to Ohio their are virtual no black people[/quote]

Shit, let’s build a fricken shrine to Beholder!! D4ngerless is just jealous because he’s from Iowa, not Valhalla…

I was actually asked by a tourist where
the killings took place … I laughed and kindly
showed them the building. :slight_smile:

I thought the building was already open … Heh
I think the beheading was far more interesting
than the shootings.