RIP Loud Nigra

The original Loud Nigra Cut and Optimized video that had been up for nearly a decade has been shoahed or something…
Apparently the youtube sjw censorship kikes consider it “nudity or sexual content” [h=1]This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s policy on nudity or sexual content.[/h]

but eslagate, spiderman kidsex pedophile farms and isis executions remain up and untouched after decades… It’s time youtube get gassed, maybe people should just upload .mp4 files to their own sites someday.

With the way webms are going, nobody is going to care about Youtube in the 2020s. Youtube is toast. That’s why they’re trying to shift their focus to music videos and streamers.

I like to watch road rage dash cams on youtube

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well to be fair it is a nigger orgasming but it was a great meme. rip

Anything else?

hey nerd I was asking you a question
share some of your fun with us.

Watch some airforceproud95

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I’ve just watched a 12-minute video analyzing Melania Trump and saying she’s a “secret tranny”. So is Trump’s daughter. Channel is MrE.
That’s entertainment O_O.

I love his remax balloon vid

I feel like I missed something.