A glimpse of a level for a LAT application for Marlboro. isent it gud? Note how with the path, he didn’t use the path generator, he did it from scratch creating hard work for something that can be done so easily. The person who made this shall remain anonymous for embarrassment issues, for making this level alone is a big enough embarrassment for ones psyche.





Real LATs know the path generator is garbage, and if they did use it, would spend more time fixing that path than initially making it by hand.

Edit: By the way, for an obvious starter, those levels are pretty decent, I’ve seen a hell of a lot worse.

are you kidding? those levels were conceived in satan’s cauldron

Those levels are 75 times better than what’s currently on Marlboro.

Your triflin’

I’m not going to say that I like that level, but it is a start for a beginner; however crappy it is.

This is true.

Marlboro is a player developed server so any player can have any position on the server (including staff, RC access, scriptor ,GFX, music, etc… which Stowen is in charge this playerworld), that’s the only purpose of this server is for player developers. Moo

wouldnt crappy levels be from Satan’s Colon and not his Cauldron?

Those levels kicked my first levels ass by far.
Whoever mocked Malboros levels can suck a fat one as Fierra’s levels are pimp. Trust me look. Even if it was just the house designs sitting there without anything else it would still be awesome as the houses alone have a awesome atmosphere.

You will face the wrath of the Fire Nation!

Atleast its selfmade and not a 9-to-5 serverpack user…

Wtf is up with you guys? thread closed.