Rock Snake

Found an old file by Goodspeed (probably for SL) that didn’t really work. I fixed it up and here it is.

It’s on Rock Snake if you want to play with it online…

You fixed a script?

Indeed i did with help from Beholder…but it’s not that complex

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… it really only works with one player in the level

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Will someone pleas modify this to make it multiplayer compatible?

Aha, I checked it out. It was fairly interesting. Then I got bored… ten minutes later.

Rock Snake is no longer online… got bored with it

lol the rock snake actually held your attention for ten whole minutes? :open_mouth:

Neat little script. Kai made a player controlled one, on the old graal forums.

Is this an edit of the old fire snakes that used to be in the old Zol flame cavern or made from scratch?

As far as i know he made it from scratch with the help of hrr4 and MysticHaste…

I’m sadly fairly easily amused!