Runes of Magic

This is how an MMO should be.

Picture removed cause whiny cunts keep bitching.

Rune of Magic = Blatant World of Warcraft Ripoff.

Failed WoW clones, I presume

Failed? I’d say it’s doing pretty well. Considering it’s gaining players while World of Failcraft is losing them.

Considering theyr both crap and alot of idiots are addicted? :confused:
Some dude payed me about 200$ for my crappy account when I finaly found out it was shit.

Eh… never heard of it. Looks interesting though, I suppose. lol.

What is this game? WoW knock-off?


Boring game, quit after 5 minutes.

Nice :open_mouth: I played WoW again for a few minutes and quit. I got so bored with it I couldn’t stop thinking about dinner…

You obviously suck at MMOs.

Yes, it is a WoW knock off. It took everything good about WoW (IE: Pre-bc), and put it in a separate game.

It sux.

mmm dux

Spooon makes me laugh. xD

You lost the game.

Hmm, I’m actually quite good at MMO’s… Played em for like… Ugh… 1… 2… 3… 6 years?

Norly though… Just like 5 years, but sshtill, it’s a piece of shit game, makes me want to cry and drop kick babies… Makes me want to try to understand Spoon…

“I’m good at MMOs! I’m good at grinding till the server lets an item drop for me!”

Total play time does not translate to being good at a game, any game in fact.

Also, Spooon’s comments are incredibly easy to figure out, apply yourself.


I still play WoW on Deathknell (free server) (Lich King Version 3.1.3, Trinity Server)

MMO’s are boring 100%, I only log onto my character once a month literally just to keep it from being auto-pruned…