Safe to say...

This place is completely much dead right?

While I was responding to a few PMs, nothing really gets talked about anymore unless its about Riley…

Time to dump Graal and create a new project?

Nah, you can’t kill something thats already dead.

True. I can’t wait to start reading topics dated from a year ago though. :]

I think the reason it’s died is because nobody is playing the game. Servers cannot be registered so nubs can’t make servers. Only people left are forum lurkers.

yer but even when noobs where able to register server only shit came with that, no one really stuck around to advance there dev skills and actually become half decent as I did o_0


I don’t know if that is really is the case. Probably is, but still.

Perhaps, Graal is just finally reaching its appeal to everyone. Its been longer than ten years and there are better things out there for development, Graal in itself is a complete mess.

It’s just showing its age and Stefan haven’t done anything really ‘speical’ with it at all. There just isn’t nothing ‘new’ anyone can do with it anymore that’s already been done before. Other than ‘make your own stuff’ thing, but I could get that kind of same freedom in other things.

I think Graal needs a huge overhaul.

Funny because Graal Online is actually booming again.

I have to agree with Riley, what we need is a seriously good server to play on. Get a good team together and build something worth playing after it’s complete… hell build something worth completing for that matter lol.

I started building my own server with my own idea, but I can’t work on Graal for a little while as I’m in-between homes now. I have no team and limited skills though I can do a bit of everything, (levels, graphics, scripts, etc…) and am willing to help a team with some things in what little spare-time I have available for now. Once I move in somewhere I’ll have a bit more time to devote to Graal.

Graal needed an overhaul when I arrived. That’s been a little while now. In fact, needed an overhaul before I got here.
The question is, is it going to get done?

According to the current record: Nope. No one is going to do anything. They might do something on their own, but the whole community is definitely not going to pitch in and move things forward in a big way.

I’d love to see it though, or to at least see us as a community working towards SOMETHING. Plenty of us have other vested interests in other games and projects but we’re not all in on it together. I’d be happy if this forum was about something else just to see us gather and discuss it.

Let’s choose a new game

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Meh, I think we’ve all heard this one before.

For once I would like someone to make a server that’s single-player based.

This sux.