Samich here

Hey everyone. Im not really new but i just lingered around doing nothing and reading updates here. But now I kinda wanted to get back into graal just for making things for fun.

So just saying hi cause I might pop up around every once and a while.


Yeah welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh. I just remembered who Samich is. O.o

Welcome Samich, long time no see. Always a place on Marlboro for you

You might know him from Vivitron, Spooon.


Oh you, Azreil. You always say such kind words :slight_smile:

What can I say? I have a lot of love and kindness in me. :slight_smile:


XD You should hear the nasty things Samich says about men. Its quite disturbing really.

:open_mouth: Now there’s something that peaked my interest.

Indeed Spooon, this guy is a real homo and very very strange. I don’t even know if homo is the right word for him. =\

How about newfag? Does newfag.

And Azreil, you get asshat. Thats your new name. xD

We’ll see just how far these comments get him on marlboro lol

LegendaryAzhat :stuck_out_tongue:

XD Newfag, Samich. Kinda gots a ring to it.

:open_mouth: and everyone loves each other now!

My work here is done!

True dat! Love is a wonderful thing.

Newfag and LegendaryAzhat. Amazing. -.-