Does anybody else feel about picking at scabs the way an adict feels about shooting heroin?

Cuz I’ve got a monster one on my chest and it is taking every ounce of will-power that I have in me to not just rip that sucker off.

So… what’s everyone having for dinner?


Fried Tofu… or in Benjiro’s case, [spoiler]Fried Tofurkey[/spoiler].
Bah, if only we had asians or europeans on our forums. They have way better food than we do.


Ack that’s nothing I once had one on my knee and mini scabs crawling accross my leg, :3 I had fun picking at em
Scabs scabs scabs, fun fun fun, pick pick pick, eat eat eat

You had me up to “eat eat eat”… that’s just gross

Woah dude. Woah.

lol thats what i thought, what wrong with you blaze o.0

I was just joking u guys can’t even take a joke like that without three people pointing out the obvious? All your ranks should be changed to Stater of the Obvious


U can call me that or u can call me just plain lonely :3

Do you know what it’s called when you loath your status, but you’re so cool and majestic (and l33t)? It’s called El33tism!

I’ll call you lame.