Scamming went wrong.

Hey hey guys,

Guess what happened today, I tried to scam a guy but I got myself fucked. Anyways, does anyone have a sufficent booter? if yes forum pm me the prize also I would like if the booter is free. Thanks in Advance.

The Fucking Evidence Mate.

If it doesnt work,

I don’t think you understand what this community is about. This is not a graal hacking community, it’s an alternative to GraalOnline.

You’re a fucking idiot, but don’t worry. In about 68 years you can play your shitty game again.

Back in the day some of the “hackers” were actually pretty cool such as Bart Da CheeTa, Diefool, Otaku_Link, yours truly and a few others. Messed up tiles, crazy NPCs, defaced levels, NPCs saying obscenities, massive griefing and other hilarity made it lulzworthy. This relay crap, scamming and iPhone stuff just reeks of annoying kiddie and does not amuse me. Try doing something to really annoy the official GraalOnline staff and fan boys without giving them money.