scheduled maintenance

server needs a reboot and i also want to move the listserver back to its native habitat. site will go down at some point this weekend and may or may not come back up.

in order to satisfy the persistent lurker’s need for content, codr will be reciting quotes from antago’s forum on a youtube live stream during the maintenance window.

thank you and have a good day

Shameless self-plug: if the forums do go down, feel free to hop on mine and join the riveting discussion(s)

omg I cannot live a second without the forums. what are you doing to us, Hosler?

Did not read about the part with codr? Yall should be pumped up.

I’ve became pesimist. I have no hope for any project Codr’s working on or anyone here.

I’m excited. Better follow through with it!

Seems like more of a realist perspective. How many projects here have actually had something come of them?

Do you mean “come to term”?

If that’s what you mean well, I’ve made an android game a few years ago and hosted a server with a complete quest some years before that.

That’s two.

quality content

maintenance complete

I was really hanging out for that live stream though… :frowning:

yall missed it. it was great

I can barely handle reading the posts… I could never recite them.

well it’s been 6 months. gonna do another round of updates and reboot. same disclaimers apply.

Incoming menu fixes?!

Your requested menu fixes are on the back burner. I might consider a quid pro quo agreement. You show some client results and ill show menu results

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I’ve been working on it.

prove it with online gameplay highlight video

I could fix the menu myself faster than I could make that happen.

Cool blue glow, software developper