Can people please post screenshots of some cool servers? I’ll put them on the Facebook page =)

I hope to achieve giving out false hope that Xialza will be finished. :smiley:

who made that tileset

Kondie made it, who else would?

From Phoenix


Yeah, I used Dusty’s trees, though. I wasn’t liking the ones I made.

Some nice screenies in here. :slight_smile:

We need one with a bunch of players looking like they’re having fun.

good luck lmao

I could hop on a server at some point if you guys want to do this though (to help make the server look populated.)


Just stick some npcs in a level with different poses

Just get kalzor, he’ll know what to do.

Some asshole neg repped me for this. XD

Probably one of them lurkers from GO, FUCKING BITCHES LIKE their NEG REP