scripting help....well sorta. :/

Does “//CLIENTSIDE” even work or is it only for ganis?

2: No
3: No

kk can we get a lock so this dosnt get spammed?

4: No

ahahahahah caleb, what where you thinking! that would only be neccesary if we had a npc server lolz :dangerless:

see this is why this thread needed a lock…

i only said coz you said “kk can we get a lock so this dosnt get spammed?”

lol black people

Racist ass mother fuckers.

Tosh.O, is it Racist? By the way, I still don’t see the racism yet. :frowning:

Riley you fail.

Stop deleting spam because its off-topic and post shit like this yourself.

It’s in the spam section though…?

Are you serious Developer?

Talking about general topics which don’t fit elsewhere. (Postcount Disabled.)

Exactly, it’s the spam section. Don’t get so butt hurt over me moderating. Oh you can’t troll/flame/spam in an on-topic discussion via the non-spam sections?
Oh boo fucking hoo. :frowning: If you want to bitch at me, PM me or keep it to the off-topic. No need to do the other two things aside from this post. By the way, I’m glad you admitted it was spam mate. :smiley:

in relation to 4chan this is our /b/

Oh wow, someone deducted points from my reputation and the comment said spam. trollololololol

Dont you hate it when mods spam? Not that anyone here spams of course… :3

It’s funny cause this is Miscellaneous!