Second Life

got bored so I rejoined second life, you can buy land to build privately and permanently (homes, towns,etc)

my character is Eleggua Tearfall (need to choose from a list of last names when making character)

once you register, get ingame and make your character you will be in a starter area, there are a few free item packs here
for more free items
use the Search feature, click Places

search for Free and/or Freebie terms to find freebie item areas
here area few

Freebie Store A of Free Union:
Freebie Warehouse:
The Free Dove:
YadNi’s Junkyard:
Freebie Outlet:

once your done looking around for free items, you will litterally have tens of thousands of free items in your inventory (if you get ALL the free items available and not just pick 'n choose)

Sandboxes are locations to build and test various creations. Note that some Sandboxes have specific rules. Please read them before building!
here are several, or just search for the term Sandbox
(above slurl links found on this page

a good place to get free in-game Lindins (SL Money), is using metaRL,

MetaRL uses MetaPoints (MP, earned by referrals, contests (daily raffle, most referrals, most offers completed in certain amount of time, etc), doing free offers (mostly surveys), playing games, and tasks (example, sign up to PetRPG, signup gets 50mp, each day logged in gets 5mp for 60 days)
you can also transfer MP into currency for IMVU, There, Habbo, Gaia Online, Entropia (Ped and Pec), and Utherverse,

following data from Second Life Wikipedia Page
Second Life (SL) is a virtual world developed by Linden Lab that launched on June 23, 2003 and is accessible via the Internet. A free client program called the Second Life Viewer[1] enables its users, called Residents, to interact with each other through avatars. Residents can explore, meet other residents, socialize, participate in individual and group activities, and create and trade virtual property and services with one another, or travel throughout the world (which residents refer to as “the grid”).

Built into the software is a three-dimensional modeling tool based around simple geometric shapes that allows a resident to build virtual objects. This can be used in combination with the Linden Scripting Language which can be used to add functionality to objects. More complex three-dimensional sculpted prims (colloquially known as sculpties), textures for clothing or other objects, and animations and gestures can be created using external software. The Second Life Terms of Service ensure that users retain copyright for any content they create, and the server and client provide simple digital rights management functions.

Land ownership

Main article: Real estate (Second Life)
Premium membership allows the Resident to own land, with the first 512m² (of Main Land owned by a holder of a Premium account) free of the usual monthly Land Use Fee (referred to by residents as Tier, because it is charged in tiers). There is no upper limit on tier; at the highest level, the user pays US$295 for their first 65536m².[31] Any land must first be purchased from either Linden Lab or a private seller.
There are four types of land regions; Mainland, Private Region, Homestead and Openspace. A region comprises an area of 65536m² (16.1943 acres) in area, being 256 meters on each side. Mainland regions form one continuous land mass, while Private regions are islands. Openspace regions may be either Mainland or Private, but have lower prim limits and traffic use levels than Mainland regions. The owners of a Private region enjoy access to some additional controls that are not available to mainland owners, for example they have a greater ability to alter the shape of the land. Residents must own a region (either Mainland or Private) to qualify for purchasing an Openspace region.
Linden Lab usually sells only complete 65536m² (16.1943 acres) regions at auction (although smaller parcels are auctioned on occasion, typically land parcels abandoned by users who have left). Once a Resident buys land they may resell it freely and use it for any purpose that it is not prohibited by the Second Life Terms of Service.
Residents may also choose to purchase, or rent, land from another Resident (a Resident landlord) rather than from Linden Lab. On a Private region, the built in land selling controls allow the landlord to sell land in the region to another Resident while still retaining some control. Residents purchasing, or renting, land from any other party than Linden Lab are not required to hold a Premium membership nor to necessarily pay a Tier fee, although typically the landlord will require some form of upfront and/or monthly fee to compensate them for their liability to pay the Land Use Fee charged by Linden Lab. However Linden Lab acknowledges only the landlord as the owner of the land, and will not intervene in disputes between Residents. This means, for example, that a landlord can withdraw a Resident’s land from availability, without refunding their money, and Linden Lab will not arbitrate in the dispute.

Fee Scedule
cant do “tables” on the forums.

System requirements Minimum




You could do so much better :frowning:

I’ll play if somebody finds me a giant Gargamel avatar.

you can create a Gargamel avatar if you want one, dunno if you have to pay to use/share it though…

Is this the game where you can fly around like you are superman?


This game was. So. Fucking. BORING.

You’re just mad because you couldn’t get your yiff on.

i yiff dontar every night on second life

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you are all uneducated twits, being a furry does not automatically make you gay or into yiffing.

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