Server Hosting

The server’s joey is hosting . I’m not sure what is going on but the server’s being hosted are screwing up regularly now , I’m starting to wonder if noobs making new server’s are screwing up ours . I tried to log onto Zombies but again i was forwarded to Bomber Arena , i then went to the website showing what server’s are being hosted and discovered a few new ones . I’m wondering if one of the more steady server’s are not being screwed up every time someone makes a temp one .

O.o What the fuck?

Should only fuck up when someone is trying to take over the port.
Bomber Arena is 15030, gtfo :open_mouth:

Stop trying to steal Bomber Arena! D:

so what your saying is someone trying to make a new server on the http site on the same port my server is on and there for the gserver messes up and send’s me to your server instead of mine . mines on 14803 . but the zombie server is on 14804 , Dev_Stowen .

Suppose Joey’s GServer method locks the port so it ignores the serveroptions anyway. So port conflicts shouldn’t be it O_o