Server Problem Help Z.Z

my friend send me a .nw level , I put it in my world folder . I connect to my server BUT I dont see the tile ?? why?

Help Please.

Explain yourself, “you don’t see the tile”
Chances are your friend’s level uses an addtiledef (think: pics1.png replacement), and you don’t have the image for the ground

He use an addtiledef (era.png) and yes I dont ahve the image for the ground =(

Then get the image :open_mouth:

How ? O:

Same place you got the level.

With the other people it’s dont work like me so do you know what the problem and could u come in our server for check ?

Server: Infinity

How bout this clever scenario.
Either get the tileset or a similar NewWorld/Era type. Or don’t use the level!

where do I put the era tile?

Anywhere, stick it in the world folder. Lowercase letters.
Then restart your client.

Kids these day.

retards… these days.

I want to use this car, but I don’t have a key. How do I start it?

screw driver and hammer.

let me make a tile for you. i am good.

I envy your patience beholder.